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The National Link Coalition. Information on the connection between animal abuse and interpersonal violence, and on where to report animal abuse within the U.S.

ASPCA. Information on animal cruelty, including organized dog and cock fighting.

The Humane Society of the United States. Information on animal cruelty.

UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory. Forensics DNA testing. Includes CANINE CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) to assist with dog fighting cases.

International Veterinary Forensics Sciences Association. Members are dedicated to advancing the field of veterinary forensics. They also hold an annual conference.

Animal Legal Defense Fund. Provides free legal assistance with prosecuting animal abuse cases.

Michigan State University Animal Legal and Historical Center. Easy-to-navigate website covering the laws in the United States regarding animals.

University of Florida Veterinary Forensic Sciences. Offering online classes towards a graduate certificate or a MS degree. They also have workshops in Gainesville for hands-on learning.



Animal Abuse and Unlawful Killing: Forensic Veterinary Pathology by Ranald Munro and Helen M.C. Munro

Veterinary Forensics: Investigation, Evidence Collection, and Expert Testimony edited by Ernest Rogers and Adam Stern

Veterinary Forensics: Animal Cruelty Investigations edited by Melinda D. Merck

"We applaud Dr. Woolf for her recent commentary calling for more education and training to help veterinarians report suspicions of animal abuse. As the FBI begins tracking animal abuse cases through its Uniform Crime Reporting Program, veterinarians should expect to be increasingly called on not only to report their suspicions but also to assist in crime scene investigations, including collecting, preserving, and documenting evidence and testifying in court."

-- Lila Miller, Former Vice President, Shelter Medicine, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and Phil Arkow, President, National Link Coalition




If you are an individual such as a residential homeowner and you suspect animal abuse, contact your local law enforcement agency.

In the United States, this varies with location and may be:

  • County or city animal control services;
  • Humane societies;
  • 911

Woolf Veterinary Forensics is not a law enforcement organization.